The Gap Story

“I guess we will just have to raise the deductible again”, cried the frustrated business owner.

Employers are fed up with the same old tired solution to double digit rate increases every year. The employees get less coverage and usually end up paying more. The employers are frustrated as they see this as a “Bridge to Nowhere”. Employers want real solutions – not band aids!

By layering 2 or more policies together, The Benefits Department has a very creative approach that has been working very well for the last 15 years. The “Layered” policy affectionately called “GAP Insurance” fills the hole left by the health-plan deductible. This allows us to raise the deductible up quite high to drastically lower the premiums and fill all or part of the deductible with GAP Insurance.

Mary was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. With her health-plan’s deductible of $5,000, she would have normally faced terrible financial stress coupled by her stress produced by battling a very serious disease. Her GAP plan paid all of her deductible leaving her with no out of pocket costs for her hospitalization. This allowed her to focus all of her attention on the fight that really mattered!

We have testimony after testimony of extremely grateful employees where GAP really saved them from the “poorhouse”!

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