What is the Benefits Department?

We develop, implement and service employee benefit programs for small to medium size Arizona based companies (5-100 employees).

Companies of this size rarely have a certified Human Resource manager. Managing employee benefits is one of many “hats” worn by either the owner, office manager, or general manager.

The idea of becoming the Benefits Department for these firms started to take form in the mid nineties.

Whether it is personally enrolling new employees, explaining the benefits, handling Open Enrollment, or assisting in challenging claims situations, Doug makes sure he is always available for these types of services. Our clients gratefully let us handle these tasks for them. As their advocate, it saves business managers time, energy and frustration.

Insurance is complicated enough, we take the "argh" out of dealing with employee benefits.

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Complimentary COBRA Administration

The Benefits Department provides COBRA administration at no additional cost to the employer. HSA's, FSA's, and HRA's are offered at very competitive fees.

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Creative Approaches equates to better benefits and cost savings

In this crazy World of Health Insurance and all of the changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act, employers are seeking creative alternatives. We utilize a "Layering" approach whereby we stack several plans together to create a "Healthpak". The Healthpak is often much less expensive than trying to get an all in one policy with just your health insurance plan.

As this is a custom approach, each clients needs are met that suits the demographics of their employee base all while focusing on cost control.

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Healthcare Reform

Get the latest update on the Affordable Care Act. You can also view the timeline of regulation implementation.

Click here: Healthcare Reform.

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In-Store Clinics

In-Store Clinics - low cost alternative to Urgent Care and the ER.

CVS Minute Clinic.

Walgreens Take Care Clinic.

The Little Clinic